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Superior Court Emergency Administrative Orders


Superior Court Order No 6

Superior Court Order No. 6 - Spanish


Superior Court Order No. 7

Superior Court Order No. 8

Grant County Superior Court

Law and Justice Building 2nd Floor

Room 242A

35 C St NW

Ephrata, WA 98823

Phone: (509) 754-2011

Fax: (509)754-6036


Superior Court Judges:

Honorable John Antosz

Honorable John D. Knodell

Honorable David G. Estudillo


Honorable Tom Middleton


Court Administrator

Crystal Burns

ext 4144

Deputy Court Administrator

Shareen Laughlin

ext 4178

Jury Administrator

Lynette Henson

ext 4179

Court Reporter

Tom Bartunek

ext 4198

Court Interpreter

Jose Castillo



Grant County Superior Court - WebEx Video Hearings


Grant County Superior Court - WebEx Video Hearings - Spanish


Jury Service:

For any and all questions concerning Jury service, call:

Lynette Henson - Jury Administrator

509-754-2011 ext 4179


Video: Answering the call for Jury Duty


Superior Court General Juror Information


Request for Medical Excuse from Jury Duty

Status Conference:

LR8-A Notice of Status Conference


LR8-B Status Conference Statement


LR8-D Scheduling Order

General Info:


GR 31.1


Grant County Mediators:



Douglas Anderson
Attorney at Law
915 Basin St. SW
Ephrata, WA 98823

Mitchell Heaps
Attorney at Law
821 E. Broadway Ave, Ste. 8
Moses Lake, WA 98837

Jeremy Huberdeau
Attorney at Law
1240 S. Pioneer Way, Ste. A
Moses Lake, WA 98837

Larry Larson
Attorney at Law
821 E. Broadway Ave, Ste. 8
Moses Lake, WA 98837

Bryce McPartland
Attorney at Law
P.O. Box 1055
Moses Lake, WA 98837

Kimberly Ries Ashley
Attorney at Law
P.O. Box 1729
Moses Lake, WA 98837

Nicholas Wallace
Attorney at Law
P.O. Box 876
Ephrata, WA 98823

Columbia Basin Dispute Resolution Center
P.O. Box 2239
Moses Lake, WA 98837
855-760-0706 toll free

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