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Grant County Public Works photo


Welcome to the Grant County Public Works Department

124 Enterprise St. SE,  Ephrata, WA 98823




MATTAWA DROPBOX has a temporary closure today (Friday) due to staffing.  The dropbox should be open per usual tomorrow (Saturday).



Snow and Ice Policy 37 KB 2015/10/06  That time of year again!

GCPW Snow Plow Routes 2.13 MB 2019/12/12

Arterial and Access Road Map 1.6 MB 2019/02/12


ANTIFREEZE 2020  133 KB 2020/01/30



Solid Waste Notice of Hearing for November 3rd 427 KB 2020/10/20  NEW!




Solid Waste Hearing Resolution 20-077-CC 3.2 MB 2020/09/25

Proposed Disposal Fee Schedule Exhibits A & B 1.1 MB 2020/09/25




Grant County Surplus Vehicles:

Grant County currently has surplus vehicles for sale thru the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services website.  Details on how to purchase the vehicles are available at the following website:


     GOVDEALS WEBSITE will be updated shortly.



Resolution Declaring Surplus Property 2020   550 KB 2020/07/24


Grant County is also using the following website for Surplus:


     Public Surplus Grant County




Dropbox ALTERNATIVE DISPOSAL OPTIONS April28 62 KB 2020/04/28




Solid Waste Fig5-1 Collection Service Areas 826 KB 2020/04/02



Current Covid-19 Status:

As our state continues to experience effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, Grant County Public Works will be taking the necessary measures by following the recommendations from local, state, and federal officials in regards to social distancing.


All Grant County Public Works offices will be closed to public access effective Friday March 20, 2020 until further notice.





Employees will still be reporting to work and continuing their day-to-day job duties. We have installed a “Drive-Up Drop Box” located in front of our Public Works Administration building. This will allow the public to drop off permits, plans, and plats. 


To protect our community and staff we encourage communication by phone, email, and appointments.


*Effective immediately:  We will not be scheduling the Public Meeting room for use. Per Proclamation   20-14: Reduction of Statewide limits on Gatherings. If your agency or non-profit organization has the Public Meeting room scheduled, our office will be contacting you. We will revisit scheduling as new recommendations become available.  


Grant County Public Works thanks you for your understanding during these times.


Grant County Public Works phone number: (509)754-6082





Gravel to Oil 2019 : Prioritization of Gravel Road Upgrades 457 KB 2019/01/30


2019 Moses Lake Curbside RECYCLE FLYER 1.2 MB 2019/05/14

2018 Moses Lake Curbside YARD WASTE FLYER 843 KB 2019/05/14


Vendor-Roster-Application NEW 152 KB 2020/01/23

How to Join the Vendor Roster 149 KB 2020/01/23



Sealcoating 2020 1.6 MB 2020/4/13


Ordinance 18-05-CC Amending Chapter 11 WATV   2.8 MB 2018/06/15  CORRECTED ORD. NUMBER

Chapter 11 WATV Ordinance Resolution 17-039-CC  209 KB 2017/04/20

NOTICE TO CONSULTANTS: Request for Bridge Engineering 78 KB 2017/11/20

Human Service RFQ 2017 182 KB 2017/07/24


RFQ Ad 73 KB 2017/07/24


Notice to Consultants: Gorge Amphitheater Campground Traffic Study 1.3 MB 2017/7/13



Public Works County Maintained Road Maps:



Grant County Public Works

124 Enterprise St. SE

Ephrata, WA 98823




Contact Information:

Ephrata Office hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 5:00

Phone: (509) 754-6082
Fax: (509) 754-6087
Email Us


The Public Works Department's primary responsibility is to maintain the County Road system by seal coating, asphalt overlays, snow removal, sign maintenance, bridge maintenance, road grading, etc. Public Works also performs small construction projects by County forces, and a variety of drainage projects throughout Grant County. Larger construction projects are open to the public for bid and contracted outside the department.


Public Works provides information on County roads and bridges, permits for access to County roads and culvert placement, oversize and overweight motor vehicle permits, work in the right-of-way and dust oil palliative permits. We also coordinate with other County departments on development review.


Snow and Ice Policy 37 KB 2015/10/06

Arterial and Access Road Map 1.6 MB 2019/02/12


The department consists of over 110 full and part time employees responsible for road maintenance, engineering, recycling, solid waste, motor pool and administrative operations.

The Public Works Department is led by The Director of Public Works and a County Road Engineer:


Public Works Director :

Sam Castro

County Engineer :

Keith Elefson

Assistant Public Works Director :

Sam Dart

Design Engineer :

Bob Bersanti

Road District #1 Supervisor :

Ed Lowry

Road District #2 Supervisor :

Mike Detrolio

Road District #3 Supervisor :

John Brissey

Bridge Crew Supervisor :

Andy Booth

Solid Waste Supervisor :

Jason Collings

Central Shop Manager :

John Speiss

Traffic Section Manager :

Rod Follett





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