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Code Enforcement Complaint Form

  1. If you do not know the specific address, parcel information can be found through the Grant County GIS office maps.
  2. Confidentiality Preference
    Disclosure of information revealing your identity will depend on application of the public disclosure law, Chapter 42.56 Revised Code of Washington, other applicable statutes and whether the complaint is criminally prosecuted. Please indicate whether or not you desire information revealing your identity to be disclosed. Failure to initial will result in information being subject to disclosure.
  3. By selecting Do Not Disclose I am indicating that the disclosure of my name would endanger my life, physical safety or property.*
  4. The violation must be visible from the public right of way. Or you must indicate that Code Enforcement may access your property to view the violation.
  5. Permission to view code violation site from complainant's property?*
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