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Application for Appointment to a Grant County Volunteer Board/Committee/Commission

  1. What particular background, training, experience, special skills, knowledge, or aptitude which you feel would be an asset to the board(s) for which you are applying.

  2. What other board experiences, volunteer activities, or special interests do you currently have?

  3. Why are you interested in serving?

  4. What limitations, if any, would be placed on the time you would be available for meetings and other activities? 

  5. Are you available for daytime meetings:*
  6. Are you available for evening meetings:*
  7. What problems, issues, or concerns do you see facing this particular board, commission, or committee, and how would you propose they be addressed?

  8. Please provide any additional information you would like considered here. You may wish to include information regarding education, knowledge, employment, or other pertinent information.

  9. Electronic Signature Agreement*

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