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  1. Application for Appointment to a Grant County Volunteer Board/Committee/Commission

    Citizens boards and commissions are critical to the effective function of County government. The Grant County Board of Commissioners... More…


    This form shall be used to submit any items to the Grant County Commissioners' weekly agenda for consideration.

Central Services

  1. Near Miss Report

    For near misses that don't result in injury and for reporting safety hazards

  1. Pacific Security Incident Report

    Use this form whenever an incident occurs. If you have any questions, contact Tom Gaines via the Safety Center app. All incidents... More…

Fire District 5

  1. Contact Us
  1. Training Form

    Grant County Fire Distristrict 5 Training Request Form


  1. Update or Correct Your Mailing Address

    Form to notify Grant County staff of a change or correction to a mailing address. Requests for new physical (site) addresses are a... More…

Human Resources

  1. Request for Position Review

    Request for HR to review a new or existing position. This may involve the content of the job description, the compensation band... More…


  1. 2023 Grant County Lodging Tax Expenditure Report

    This report will be filed at the end of your event/promotion/project - this is required to receive reimbursement from the Grant County... More…


  1. PAX Tools Workshop

    PAX Tools are a collection of strategies proven to reduce problematic behavior, increase cooperation, and improve relationships. ... More…

  1. QPR Workshop Training Request

    Question. Persuade. Refer. Three steps anyone can learn to help prevent suicide. The signs of crisis are all around us and we... More…

Renew (Unencrypted)

  1. SFP Interest Form

    Strengthening Families Program welcomes anyone who is interested in this program to enter their information for a follow-up call or... More…

Sheriff - Secure

  1. Employee Incident Report

    Employee Incident Report

Victim/Witness Services

  1. Let us know about you.

    Thank you for taking a moment to complete our survey. Your answers help us determine how effective our website is and gives you the... More…

  2. Truth Quiz #2
  1. Truth Quiz #1
  2. Truth Quiz #3