What is a Shoreline Master Program?

A Shoreline Master Program (SMP) is a combination of planning and regulatory documents. SMP documents carry out the policies of the Shoreline Management Act (RCW 90.58) on local shorelines. Local governments are required to prepare SMPs based on the state laws and rules. It is prepared to implement the SMA to prevent harm caused by uncoordinated and piecemeal development of the State's shoreline. Local SMPs are tailored to local geographic and environmental conditions, and existing and future planned development patterns within the shoreline.

The SMP update process balances and integrates objectives and interests of local citizens. Key principles of the SMP include striking a balance among environmental protection, public access and water-oriented uses, and achieving No Net Loss of ecological functions.

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1. What is a Shoreline Master Program?
2. What is the Shoreline Master Program update process?
3. What is my role in the process?
4. Will it impact my existing home?
5. What is “no net loss” of ecological or environmental functions?