Why Aren’t public works projects listed on the county web page?

It depends, for bids and proposals being let by the "Public Works" department, please look to their page under public works for the listings of any projects they are publishing. For all other public works, the county is statutorily authorized to dispense with this as the county utilizes the MRSC roster for projects valued under $350,000. If you're interested in seeing these projects, please go to the MRSC roster links under the Central Services web page and become a member. By doing this, if and when the county publishes a request for bids, proposals, or qualifications and your business is in the services category we have selected, you will receive the invitation in your email.

The County will, after a bid opening that has been published to the MRSC roster, post the bid opening log sheet, the original bid request document, and any questions/answers during the bidding process on the website.

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2. Why Aren’t public works projects listed on the county web page?
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