What if I am not satisfied with the Board's decision?

Either the Appellant or the Assessor may appeal the Board's decision to the State Board of Tax Appeals. An appeal must be filed with the State Board within 30 calendar days of the mailing date of our Board's decision. Appeal forms are available at the Board of Tax Appeals website, or by phone 360-753-5446.

These forms are also available by contacting our office (WAC 458-14-170(1)).

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1. How do I appeal?
2. When must I appeal?
3. I appealed last year's valuation but haven't had a hearing or decision from the Board. Do I need to appeal again this year?
4. What information is required to file an appeal?
5. What types of evidence should I provide?
6. Why should I include comparable sales and how do I find them?
7. What is meant by the valuation date?
8. What if there are no sales comparable to my property?
9. What if I don't have time to gather all the evidence by the petition deadline?
10. When will I have a hearing?
11. What can I expect at the hearing?
12. Can I reschedule my hearing?
13. May I submit additional information at the hearing?
14. When will I receive a decision?
15. What if I am not satisfied with the Board's decision?
16. What if my taxes are due before I have a hearing or receive a decision?
17. If the Board decreases the value of my property, how will that affect my taxes?