What information is required to file an appeal?

One complete, separate petition for each parcel must include the following information:

  1. Assessor's parcel number
  2. Taxpayer name and address
  3. Taxpayer's representative, if applicable (must include power of attorney)
  4. Property description to include property address, parcel size, zoning, and general building information
  5. Value as listed by the Assessor
  6. Your opinion of value
    • Specific reasons why you believe the Assessor's value does not reflect the true and fair market value of your property. Your petition must include sufficient information or statements to apprise the Board and the Assessor of the reasons why you believe the Assessor's determination is incorrect. Assessment comparisons of other properties, percentage of value increases, personal hardship, amount of tax, and other matters unrelated to market value cannot be considered. {WAC 458-14-056(5)}
  7. Taxpayer's signature and date
  8. Attach a copy of the Assessor's revaluation change notice or other determination notice.  

The Board cannot consider incomplete petitions.

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