Which department handles RIDs?

The Public Works Department handles RID processing as well as design and administration of most of the improvement. This is done at the direction of the Board of County Commissioners, which has the ultimate authority.

The County Engineer will assist you in the preparation of the petition and the necessary maps and exhibits for the formation of the district and will relay information to and from various departments related to the RID. If you have any additional questions, please contact Public Works.

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1. What is an Road Improvement District (RID)?
2. Why would an RID be formed?
3. How is an RID initiated?
4. How are the boundaries of an RID determined?
5. How is the cost estimate prepared? Can the County assess cost overruns?
6. How is the total cost of the improvement divided among the owners?
7. How much will the assessment be for the average size lot?
8. How is assessment paid? Will it increase my taxes?
9. When do I pay my assessment?
10. Does the County participate in the cost of an RID?
11. What is the procedure for improving a private road?
12. Is the County for or against RIDs?
13. Which department handles RIDs?