How is the cost estimate prepared? Can the County assess cost overruns?

The construction cost estimate is prepared by the Engineering Division after a field review. The design and/or scope of the project may not be changed such that the cost is increased more that 10% over that stated in the notice for the original formation hearing held before the Board of County Commissioners. The only exception to allowing a greater than 10% change is to have a second formation notice and hearing.

If road right-of-way (public road property or easement) is needed, the cost to buy or otherwise acquire this property will also be included in the total estimated cost. After the formation of the RID, the County will request donation of any required road right-of-way. If right-of-way is donated the final cost of the assessments will be reduced by the amount saved. If 100% of the required right-of-way has not been donated by a set deadline, all deeds will be returned and the County will negotiate settlements for all required right-of-way. 

If it is not possible to reach an agreement with a particular owner and it is necessary to acquire the right-of-way to proceed with the improvement the County may institute condemnation proceedings against the owner. The condemnation costs are also borne by the district.

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