How is an RID initiated?

An RID may be initiated by Grant County in a Resolution of The Board of County Commissioners or by petition of the property owners of the area specially benefited by the public work proposed for improvement. In order for the petition to be considered, the total property represented by owner’s signatures on the petition must have both a majority of the acreage within the proposed RID boundaries and a majority of the front footage measured along both sides of all the Public Works proposed for improvement.

The Board of County Commissioners upon receiving a petition with sufficient owner signatures must hold a preliminary hearing. Notice of which must be published at least twice in a newspaper of general circulation and notice of which must be mailed to each property owner at least 15 days prior to the hearing. Signatures may be added to or withdrawn from the petition by contacting the County Public Works Department prior to 5 pm of the last working day before the hearing. After the hearing, the Board of County Commissioners may proceed to create the RID and order the improvement.

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1. What is an Road Improvement District (RID)?
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