What is an Road Improvement District (RID)?

In 1951, the State legislature established the RID method of improving Public Works and streets. It used as a model the LID law, which has been used by the cities for street, water and sewer improvement for years. It has had many changes since 1951, and is now Chapter 36.88 of the Revised Code of Washington. Briefly, the RID statutes provide for the payment of an improvement by assessing the lots, tracts, or parcels specially benefited.

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1. What is an Road Improvement District (RID)?
2. Why would an RID be formed?
3. How is an RID initiated?
4. How are the boundaries of an RID determined?
5. How is the cost estimate prepared? Can the County assess cost overruns?
6. How is the total cost of the improvement divided among the owners?
7. How much will the assessment be for the average size lot?
8. How is assessment paid? Will it increase my taxes?
9. When do I pay my assessment?
10. Does the County participate in the cost of an RID?
11. What is the procedure for improving a private road?
12. Is the County for or against RIDs?
13. Which department handles RIDs?