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Nov 30

A General Contractor is selected.

Posted on November 30, 2022 at 9:44 AM by Tom Gaines


Thursday, November 17th, the County held a public bid opening attended by the two general contractors submitting for the new jail construction. Two proposed costs were required, the cost for the “General Conditions” and the “fee Percentage” for the project based on the proposed total budget.

General Conditions: The General Conditions is a well-articulated document better known as an “A201”. This document provides baseline terms that define the rights, responsibilities, and relationships of the parties to the Contract. This document is supported by another contract, an “A133”. A standard form agreement between the owner (Grant County) and the “Construction manager” (our selected General Contractor).

The two documents total 114 pages of contractual obligations, terms, stipulations, definitions, expectations, and intended results between the County and the Contractor.

The “general conditions” cost is not based on the project itself but on the cost to manage and administer the project. These include costs such as the following but may include more or less; these are just examples.

  • jobsite trailer
  • jobsite utilities
  • small tool charges
  • superintendent salaries/costs
  • safety costs
  • site administrative costs
  • project accounting
  • field computer and BIM services

The “fee percentage” is applied to a somewhat expected total project cost. We won’t know the actual cost of the project until all design and construction documents have been completed and the General Contractor/Construction Manager (GC/CM) has priced all the components and provided (and the County accepts) a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for the project. The fee value was based on a budget of Seventy-Five million dollars. Based on the actual budget, this cost could go up or down.

The opening was as follows:

Layton Construction
Lydig Construction
General Conditions
9.216% (of 75m)
5.0% (of 75m)

This pricing was the third part of a scoring matrix that scored submittal material, presentation, and interviews with the Contractor. Based on the above-referenced costs and the previous scores, Central Services recommended that we enter a contract with Lydig Construction and put this recommendation forward for approval by the County Commissioners during the regularly scheduled consent agenda on Tuesday, November 29th, 2022. The recommendation was approved as a walk on item. Both Layton and Lydig provided outstanding submissions, and both interviewed very well, We have selected Lydig but do wish to recognize an outstanding Layton team as well. 

Grant County is looking forward to partnering with Lydig Construction and is excited to take the next steps towards constructing the new jail.