#NotAlone Campaign


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If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide or are experiencing a behavioral health crisis, please call:

(800) 852-2923

or text HELLO to 741741 to access the National Crisis Text Line.

A crisis can happen at any time. 

The North Central Washington Crisis Line can help when you, your child, or someone else is:

• Talking or thinking about harming oneself or others

• Acting recklessly or violently

• Having hallucinations, delusions, or is not able to care for oneself

• Having a substance use crisis

It’s free and confidential. Available 24/7.

(800) 852-2923

TTY (855) 644-7361



To establish local and regular mental health or substance disorder support services, contact:

(509) 765-9239

Downloadable Toolkit - Grant County 

Question Persuade Refer - Grant County

The Grant County Suicide Prevention toolkit is organized and sponsored by Grant Integrated Services, the Grant County Suicide Prevention Taskforce, and the North Central Accountable Communities of Health.

Important Related Dates:

September is National Suicide Prevention Month

Sept. 8-14 is National Suicide Prevention Week

Sept. 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day

Local suicide prevention partners will be using #NotAloneGC to track our messaging efforts. Here are other ways to get involved.

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