Design Criteria & Handouts

Building In Progress PicWA State drives the minimum code standards for the State.  Grant County currently operates under the 2018 International Building, Residential, Mechanical, and Fire Codes (and related standards); 2018 Uniform Plumbing Cade, WAC 51-20 (Handicap Accessibility) and 2018 WA State Energy Code (WSEC).  Note, WA State did NOT adopt Chapters 11 and 25 - 43 of the IRC.  

These codes provide the foundation for the Building Division to review submitted plans and/or specifications to make sure these standards are met.  

Our handouts are designed to assist you with assembling a complete application for a building permit.  Although these handouts are comprehensive, there are likely some scenarios that may not be addressed in the handouts, and we encourage you to speak with one of our plans examiners to discuss any questions about your project in advance of application submittal.  

What are Design Criteria?

In short, design criteria are the parameters used to provide specific guidance on how environmental loading affects the design of a structure.  For example, the weight of resting and drifting snow, forces from wind, earthquakes, etc.

Frequently Requested Information
Snow LoadWind SpeedSeismic Design CategoryWeatheringFrost Line DepthTermiteDecayWinter Design TempIce Sheild Under-layment RequiredFlood HazardAir Freeze IndexMean Annual Temp
Ground 30IRC 110 Ultimate SpeedIRC - CModerate18 InchesSlight to ModerateNone-SlightWSEC - Climate Zone 5NOFEMA Maps1,20050
Roof 20Commercial IBC Section 1609Commercial IBC Section 1613


Additional Information
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Multi-Family Energy Code