Limited Public Works Projects (LPW)

As per RCW RCW 39.04.155. Grant County may elect to perform a public work under the "Limited Public Work" provision under Washington State Law.

RCW 39.04.155 (3)(a) & (b), states the following.

(3)(a) In lieu of awarding contracts under subsection (2) of this section, a state agency or authorized local government may award a contract for work, construction, alteration, repair, or improvement projects estimated to cost less than fifty thousand dollars using the limited public works process provided under this subsection. Public works projects awarded under this subsection are exempt from the other requirements of the small works roster process provided under subsection (2) of this section and are exempt from the requirement that contracts be awarded after advertisement as provided under RCW 39.04.010.

(b) For limited public works projects, a state agency or authorized local government shall solicit electronic or written quotations from a minimum of three contractors from the appropriate small works roster and shall award the contract to the lowest responsible bidder as defined under RCW 39.04.010. After an award is made, the quotations shall be open to public inspection and available by electronic request. A state agency or authorized local government must equitably distribute opportunities for limited public works projects among contractors willing to perform in the geographic area of the work. A state agency or authorized local government shall maintain a list of the contractors contacted and the contracts awarded during the previous twenty-four months under the limited public works process, including the name of the contractor, the contractor's registration number, the amount of the contract, a brief description of the type of work performed, and the date the contract was awarded. For limited public works projects, a state agency or authorized local government may waive the payment and performance bond requirements of chapter 39.08 RCW and may waive the retainage requirements of RCW 60.28.011(1)(a), thereby assuming the liability for the contractor's nonpayment of laborers, mechanics, subcontractors, materialpersons, suppliers, and taxes, increases, and penalties imposed under Titles 50, 51, and 82 RCW that may be due from the contractor for the limited public works project, however the state agency or authorized local government shall have the right of recovery against the contractor for any payments made on the contractor's behalf.

Below you will find Grant County Central Service's list of awarded LPW projects.

Under the Contractors Contacted column, the name in bold denotes who was awarded the project.

LPW Projects

Contractors Contacted Reg # Date Awarded Description Contract Amount Department
Stetner Electric, Farmers Electric, J&M Electric, Hochstatter Electric, Grace Electric,
GRACEEL802P4 8/2/2021 Repair of RV power pedestals at County Fairgrounds $16,572.24 Facilities