The Building Division of Development Services reviews applications for structures within the unincorporated areas of Grant County.  If your property is within city limits for any city or town, you will need to contact the appropriate city or town building department to discuss their requirements.  

Electrical permits are done by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industry.

How long are permits good for?

What permits are Required or Exempt (under construction)?  

Permit Inspections
Inspections are scheduled during office hours, M-F 8 am - 4 pm., by calling our inspection line 509-450-1117 or directly by visiting our lobby.  Inspections are generally scheduled for the next business day, excluding weekends and holidays. Due to heavy inspection load, times cannot be requested or provided; you should allow the entire next business day for the inspection to be conducted and schedule your job accordingly.  

 Special Notes   Requirements for applying, permitting, construction, and inspections are subject to change at any time based on local, state, and federal law or policy, building code cycles, and such. What was required or allowed in previous years may now be different. With variables involved in the many different project types including differences in codes, fees, plan requirements, and departmental approval requirements, we are restricted in the amount of information we can provide in this forum that would pertain to each possible project.

For any land use questions or concerns, such as addressing, zoning, setbacks, shorelines, SEPA, wetlands, 2nd home, accessory building before residence, etc., please contact the Grant County Planning Division at 509-754-2011 ext. 2501.

All submittals for permits require Complete Application Packets.  Incomplete packets will not be accepted.  The more complete the information you are providing the faster the plan review process will be.  


Please Select and Download the (PDF) Permit Application Below
Online Portal            

  1. Portal


The portal process is only available for a NEW single-family residence submittal package




If you have questions or concerns after reading all the information below, please contact our office at (509) 754-2011 ext. 3001 before starting an online submission.



Details to be aware of…

Printing Approved Plans and Documents:  If you apply through the Portal, you will be responsible to print all approved documents and plans in color to have available for the inspector at the project site.  Many of these documents will need to be printed 24" x 36" in size.  

Working with other Offices:  Applications are routed to multiple offices for review, generally including the Health District for Septic and Water, Public Works for County Road Access and Planning for land use review.   You will need to work with some of these directly depending on the specifics of your project, such as the Health District to submit Septic and Water Availability applications.  Contact our office for further information.

Available Portal Applications:  Only new site-built single-family residence applications are available for submittal through our online Portal currently.  Applications created for any other use will be canceled.  

To submit a permit application package for any other use, apply in office Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm, except holidays, or mail your submittal package to PO Box 37 or delivery service to 264 West Division Ave, Ephrata, WA   98823.


Complete plans and submittals…


  • All required forms, documents, and plans must be uploaded before you will be able to Submit the Portal Application.  


  • All required submittals must be provided in the correct Document format (PDFs) and naming conventions; please read the Plans and Documents Standards & Requirements here.


  • Once you submit your portal application, we will do a Technically Complete pre-review of the documents and plans for completeness.  If the entire submittal package is NOT complete, we will contact you with the deficient items and a new deadline for completing the uploads.  If the information is not received, the application will be canceled.


  • Once the Application Package pre-review is deemed to be Technically Complete, you will be notified to pay the $500 deposit required to accept your application within 5 business days.  Payment can be made on the Portal with an additional 2.5% convenience fee to the card processing company, or the deposit can be paid in office or by mail, however the Application will not be accepted or routed for review until the deposit is received.


If you have spoken with us to answer any questions or address any concerns, you are now ready to begin the online submittal process using the link below.