Fee Schedule

Effective July 25, 2021

Anti-Harassment Filing$73.00 (AHF)
Appeal Preparation Fee
Includes a copy of CDs for preparation of the record.
$40.00 (PAR) 
Appeal Filing Fee$200.00 – Criminal (APC)
$230.00 – Civil/Small Claims/Inf (APF)
Certificate of Judgment$6.00 (CER)
Certified Copy of Document 3.62.060(g)(i)$5.00 for the first page,
$1.00 for each additional page (CER)
Civil Filing Fee$73.00 (CVF)
$10.00 (DRC)
$83.00 (total)
Cross/3rd Party Claim$73.00 (CXT)
$10.00 (DRC)
$83.00 (total)
Civil Judgment Extension$63.00 (CEJ)
Civil Jury Demand Fee$125.00 (JCV)
Copy of CD/Electronic Recording 3.62.060(j)$10.00 per CD (CTF
Copy Fee (Paper copies of court documents) 3.62.060(g)(iii)$0.50 per page (CTF)
Deferred Prosecution 
Probation Fee$2160.00 (PRO)
Court Costs$250.00 (DPC)
$200.00 (BAC)
$100.00 (RST)
Exemplifying/Authenticating a Document 3.62.060(g)(ii)$2.00 for each additional seal (CTF)
(this would be in addition to the cost of certifying the original document)
Ex Parte Fee – Civil Matters Only$20.00 (DDA)
Historical searches, compiling statistical reports, and conducting exceptional records searches - RCW 3.62.060(i)$20.00 per hour (CTF)
Infraction Time Pay Fee$10.00 per case per pay agreement $25.00 maximum per agreement (ITP)
Jurisdictional Limits 
Small Claims$10,000.00 for Human Beings
 $5,000.00 for Businesses
Name Change Filing Fee  $73.00 (CVF)
$203.50 (NCA)
    $5.50 (NCC)
$282.00 (total)
Probation Fee 
1 month$60.00 (PRO)
1 year$720.00 (PRO)
2 years$1440.00 (PRO)
Small Claim Filing Fee$35.00(SCF)
$10.00 (DRS)
$45.00 (total)
Cross/3rd Party Claim$35.00 (CXS)
$10.00 (DRS)
$45.00 (total)
Supplemental Exam Fee$20.00 (SUP)
Transcript Fee$20.00 (PTR)
Writ of Garnishment Filing Fee$12.00 (SGF)