Laserfiche WebLink Instructions

Instructions For Accessing Images of Pleadings Filed at the Grant County Clerk's Office

  1. Click here to access the Grant County Clerk's Office Weblink or click the "Laserfiche Weblink Public Access" button found in the column to the right of this page.
  2. At the “Log in to Grant-County” page, enter your Username.
  3. Then enter your Password.

    PLEASE NOTE: All passwords are required to change upon first log-in. It is highly recommended that you save your new password somewhere safe and maybe even share it with your supervisor. Re-setting your password can only be done by Grant County Technology Services, requests for password resets must be initiated through the Clerk's office.

  4. Click the blue “Sign In” button.
  5. Click on the blue “Case Number Search”. (Or click on Grant County Clerk to go to the Clerk’s website.)
  6. Enter the case number you want to review – be sure to include the dashes between numbers. (The format should look like this: 20-3-00001-13 or 16-3-00123-4.) Sort by “Case Number” first.  
  7. Click on the green “Submit” button.
  8. Once your results show, you can click on the various options at the top and “Sort by” to sort the images by docket date, sub number, or description. *For each sort, click on the green “Submit” button.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you see “missing” document sub-numbers, those are confidential or sealed documents that must be requested through the Clerk’s office directly.

  9. Click on a blue document number to see the image. The sub-number of the document is the last number shown. (For example, 20-3-00001-13 9 means that you are looking at the 9th document in case number 20-3-00001-13.) By sorting by description will give you a snippet of the name of the pleading that might be helpful to you. You may also need to look at the document index using Odyssey.

    Utilize your Odyssey Portal access or do a “Smart Search” via Washington Courts at: View the case number and look at the “Events and Hearings” section to see a list of all documents filed in the case (unfortunately, Odyssey Portal does not currently reflect our file sub-numbers, but it does display the date filed and the name of the pleading – this is a known statewide issue that AOC is working on fixing.)

    PLEASE NOTE: Pre-Odyssey judgments were assigned a distinct judgment number within the case. Odyssey cases have judgments that reside within the same case number.

  10. Once you have an image open in WebLink, you can review it, print it, or save it to your own file. Click on the printer icon near the top, middle of the screen and it will download the image to your screen. From there you can print or save as usual.