Veterans Advisory Board

The Grant County Veterans Advisory Board (hereafter referred to as the VAB) was established with the purpose and function established in accordance with the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 73.08.035 and by the Grant County Board of Commissioners (hereafter referred to as the BOCC). The VAB shall advise the BOCC on the needs of local indigent veterans, the resources available to local indigent veterans, and programs that could benefit the needs of local indigent veteran and their families.

VAB members must be residents of Grant County, be veterans as defined by Washington State Law (RCW 73.08.005), serve as volunteers on this Grant County Board, and must be appointed by the BOCC. The VAB membership is comprised of ten (10) members representing the most current, active, local, and nationally recognized Veteran service organizations, WorkSource, and the veteran community at large within Grant County. 


  • Ken Slininger, AL Post 183, Chair
  • Gary Bracht, At-Large, Vice Chair
  • Eileen Boylston, WorkSource, Secretary
  • Tom Moncrief, AL Post 28
  • Jim Brakebill, AL Post 157
  • Ken Weston, AL Post 209
  • Phil Anderson, VFW Post 24
  • Joanna Latimer, At-Large
  • Trevor Rollins, CVMA 11-2
  • Lourence Dormaier - At-Large