Jake Brakes & Speed Limits

Petitions for Speed Limits & Jake Brakes

Speed Limit changes and request for Jake brake and/or other ordinance changes may be requested by a letter of Petition to the Grant County Board of County Commissioners.  RCW 46.61

Grant County code of ordinances

How to Submit:

You may either mail or bring your petition in to the Board of County Commissioners Clerk's Office.

Submission Requirements

  • The letter may have one to as many signatures that can be acquired. There is not a minimum, however, more signatures are better to insure the majority of the local residents in an area are in agreement to the proposed changes.
  • List all of the reasons for the change, such as School Bus route, area congestion, mailboxes, left turns in truck traffic, etc.
  • There is no fee for a petition.

Processing Requests

Once the BOCC receives the letter, they will review the petition and pass it forward to the County Engineer for review. The County Engineer employs several methods to determine the best way to handle a speed limit issue; such as traffic counts, solar radar and posting a deputy and/or other studies. If the speed limit change is reasonable and prudent, Public Works will write a resolution for hearing to Amend the Grant County Code. A hearing date will be set and the proposed change posted in the paper. This process takes from 2 to 8 weeks.

During the hearing, evidence is presented for or against the change. The Board of County Commissioners will approve or deny the resolution to Amend Grant County Code.

Signs are usually changed or posted within 1 to 2 weeks. The ordinance may take several days before the change is made. The resolution will be on file for Public Information both at the BOCC Clerk's and Public Works.