Right-of-Way Information Request

No Fee.

What is right-of-way?

Right-of-way is a blanket term used to describe the area owned or held in easement by Grant County for maintaining road surfaces, ditches, sidewalks and paths. The standard is 60 feet, although some roads may have more or less, and in some cases may vary greatly over a short distance.

Right-of-way is not the same as "setback."  Setback is a Planning & Building requirement. 

The right-of-way is in thousands of paper documents in files and in different locations. Sometimes research has to been done in archives online or in Douglas County. As such, it can sometimes be time consuming and require several days. To expedite this process, Public Works has developed a request form (PDF) to help you put in a request to our office. You may email this document to the Roads Information Tech. You may mail the form or drop it by the Public Works Office at:
124 Enterprise Street SE
Ephrata, WA 98823