Reserve Deputies

The Grant County Sheriff's Office is always seeking qualified candidates for its Reserve Deputy Program. Becoming a Reserve Deputy is a fulfilling way of serving your community while becoming a part of the exciting world of law enforcement.

Recruitment Hold

 Recruitment is temporarily on hold, due to COVID-19 and training restrictions imposed by the state and Criminal Justice Training Commission.

Reserve Deputy Association

Our Reserve Deputy Association has achieved a high degree of professionalism and is respected statewide for its' accomplishments. The program is routinely reviewed by other law enforcement agencies that have used it as a model to better their own Reserve Associations. Our Reserve Deputies pride themselves in being more productive, more active, and better trained than many other reserve officer programs.

The primary purpose of the Reserve Deputy Program is to provide the community with an auxiliary unit of trained, competent sheriff's deputies. These deputies supplement our regular personnel and can be used in the event of an emergency when manpower is critical.

Community Involvement

Community involvement and, most of all, support are two vital elements in the operation of any law enforcement agency. A successful Reserve Deputy Program, being made up of citizen volunteers from within the community, stands as a symbol of the Grant County Sheriff's Office commitment to partnership and teamwork in combating crime.

Grant County Regional Reserve Academy

Upon completion of the selection process, you will attend the Grant County Regional Reserve Academy. The Academy is over 300 course hours of instruction designed to prepare you for the role of Reserve Deputy. The Academy demands that the candidate devote his or her Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, and most weekends during this rigorous 19 week period. Although the Academy is attended on a "part-time" basis, there is nothing "part-time" about the level and intensity of the academic and physical training. The level of instruction is similar to that of the full-time police academy and demands a great deal of time and devotion from the Reserve Recruit. The Reserve Academy has been hosted for more than 30 years with the assistance of instructors from partnering agencies.

Upon completion of the Academy, the new Reserve Officer will enter a 180 hour training program while assigned to full-time Sheriff's Deputies. After successful completion of the training program the Reserve Officer is required to donate 16 hours per month to the department. Reserve Officers can work a variety of assignments within the organization, such as uniform patrol, traffic, bicycle and foot patrols. Reserve Officers are also required to attend one training meeting monthly.

Qualifications & Eligibility

For the community-minded man or woman who wants to accept the challenge, becoming a Reserve Deputy Sheriff is a highly rewarding means of serving the community while being a part of the Grant County Sheriff's Office family and the exciting world of law enforcement.

Qualified applicants must by a United States Citizen with good moral character with good driving, credit, and employment history. For additional qualifications and to submit or receive a Reserve Deputy Application (PDF), please contact the Grant County Sheriff's Office at 509-754-2011, ext. 2001.