Veterans Services

Requests for Veterans Administration (VA) Assistance:

GRANT COUNTY CANNOT ASSIST WITH VA CLAIMS AT THIS TIME                                             

Grant County cannot offer assistance with claims, inquiries, or assistance to the Veterans Administration (VA) at this time. Assistance may be obtained by contacting local Veteran Service Organizations with a certified and/or accredited Veteran Service Officers (VSO).

Requests for Emergent Assistance (Emergency):

Types of Assistance Available:

  • Utilities to prevent cut off
  • Food and necessary items for hygiene and health
  • Rent or Mortgage assistance
  • Burial assistance
  • Medical, Dental, and Travel assistance to be determined on an individual basis
  • Catastrophic Emergencies as determined on an individual basis

Who Can Request Assistance:

The Grant County Veterans Assistance Fund is designed to assist indigent Veterans in need of urgent assistance. The Veteran will need to provide proof of honorable service, usually completed by providing a copy of a DD Form 214 (DD-214), copy of a VA identification card, or retirement paperwork. If a care provider is requesting assistance, the provider will need to provide legal proof of care giving. 

Veterans’ Service Organizations that may be able to assist with VA Claims:

View our list of Grant County Veteran Service Organizations.