Home Security Ideas


  • Be aware of the risks of windows in or near doors
  • Be cautious of mail slots and pet doors
  • Good deadbolt locks with 1" minimum throw
  • Make sure your door hinges are not removable from the outside
  • Make sure your doorways are visible from the street and not obscured by shrubs, etc
  • Secure strike plates with 3" minimum screws that penetrate the stud in the wall
  • Solid wood or metal on all exterior doors
  • Use a peep hole or side angle viewer in your doors
  • Use your locks - a lock is only useful if you use it


  • Be cautious of barring windows that may prevent your escape in case of a fire
  • Consider window coverings that prevent someone looking into the house
  • Make sure windows are visible from the street and not obscured by shrubs, etc.
  • Make sure your windows have good locking mechanisms
  • Safety glaze is available to prevent glass being broken


  • Keep trees and shrubbery trimmed to prevent concealment for a potential burglar
  • Privacy fence may also create concealment for a burglar


  • Good exterior lighting on all sides of your house
  • Motion sensor lighting is also a valuable tool to prevent burglary and theft
  • Timers on lights give your house the lived-in look while your are away


  • Alarms are another valuable tool in preventing burglaries
  • Be a wise shopper. Consider the pros and cons of different systems and buy from a reputable company
  • Remember, like a lock, an alarm is only valuable if you use it

Operation ID

Operation ID is a simple program that deters burglary and theft, as well as assists law enforcement in the event your property is stolen. You simply engrave your Washington driver's license number on your property using the following format:

WA (state driver's license Number ) DL

Operation ID Stickers

Once your items are marked, Operation ID stickers are available to place in your windows to advertise your participation in this program that deters crime. We encourage each Block Watch group to purchase an engraver, usually $10 to $20 at a local hardware store, and share it among the group members for marking of their valuables.