Motor Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit serves the citizens of Grant County in all phases of traffic enforcement, collision investigation, public education and collision prevention.


  • Analyze the causes of collisions: locations, times, and types of violations
  • Assist in training, informing, and procedural development for traffic related issues
  • Augment Patrol Unit when necessary with general patrol responsibilities
  • Focus on a tiered approach of education, enforcement, and engineering to promote traffic safety
  • Involve citizens in community traffic safety
  • Proactively enforce traffic laws to reduce collisions
  • Promote a professional and helpful image in all contracts with the public, ranging from violation enforcement to public presentations
  • Promote and maintain cooperative relationships with county departments, other public agencies, and community and business groups
  • Support the Patrol Unit by being the first line of response to traffic collisions investigations and traffic control
  • Utilize the media, public presentations, and innovative programs in our education and enforcement efforts


Collisions are not accidents, they are the result of a cause and effect.

Our Unit has five Investigators that have been through the Basic, Advanced, and Technical Levels of Collision Training. We have one investigator who has completed the next level, Collision Reconstruction. These are demanding courses, based on the laws of physics. The courses teach the Deputies how to compute speeds, reaction times, and acceleration/deceleration over different surfaces (on and off road!). These Deputies are available for call out whenever needed by Patrol Deputies.

Motorcycle Unit

In 2006, the Traffic Unit obtained motorcycles in the unit. With the maneuverability and accessibility that comes with the motorcycle, traffic enforcement has been significantly enhanced. The motorcycles are extremely maneuverable, and are an effective tool when used in traffic.

Today's motorcycles are specially-equipped Yamaha FJRs. The motorcycles typically use less than 3 gallons of gas to operate per day, instead of 12 to 16 gallons needed by a car. Each Motor Deputy is certified in the operation of police motorcycles through an intense two week specialized course of training.

The Traffic Unit now has five Deputies certified in operation of Motors.

Traffic Safety Team

In 2018, the Grant County Sheriff's Office was awarded a grant to be a pilot program for the Washington Traffic Safety Commission. Grant County was selected based on the high number of fatality and serious injury collisions that occur on an annual basis. This three year grant has funded the vehicles, equipment, and salary for three full time deputy positions.

These deputies are focused primarily on moving violations; specifically DUI, Speeding, Distracted Driving, and Seatbelt/Child Restraints. They do not typically handle calls for service, instead focusing on traffic education and enforcement. Each of the three deputies give at least two traffic safety presentations to the Grant County community each month.

The goal of the Traffic Safety Team is to change driving habits of Grant County motorists and visitors to our county with increased education and enforcement.

Traffic Safety Presentations

If you are interested in having a Traffic Safety Presentation, contact a member of the Motor Traffic Unit.