If the Landlord Wants to Make Changes

Be sure to consult your rental documents to find out how changes can be made in the terms of your agreement.

Month-to-Month Agreements

If the landlord wants to change the provisions of a month-to-month rental agreement, such as raising the rent or changing rules, the tenant must be given at least 30 days notice in writing. Notice of less than 20 days is not allowed. Changes can only become effective at the start of a rental period (the day the rent is due).

If the landlord wishes to convert the unit to a condominium the tenant must be given 90 days notice.

The Landlord-Tenant Act does not limit how much rent can be raised, or how often. However, the landlord cannot raise the rent to retaliate against a tenant.


In most cases, changes cannot be made unless both landlord and tenant agree to the proposed change.