Work Release Program

Work Release is a program offered at the facility where qualifying offenders are afforded the opportunity to maintain their current employment during the term of their confinement.

Program Overview

Upon determination by the sentencing court that an individual can be considered for the program, an application is obtained, completed by the offender and returned to the Work Release Center to determine eligibility. There is a $25 application fee, due at the time of returning the application to the Work Release Center.

Program Fees

Program fees are based on the offenders ability to pay. To determine program participation fees, multiply 1% of the individuals monthly gross pay times 7. This will give the weekly fee amount. If determined by hourly rate of pay, the individuals hourly rate is multiplied by 173.33 hours and then multiplied by 1%. This in turn is multiplied by 7 to determine the weekly fee amount. The minimum weekly fee is $84 or $12 per day.

Minimum Sentence

There is a 5 day sentence minimum to participate in the program.


Work Release Application Packet (PDF)