On-Site Visitation (Minimum Security Only)

Due to recent COVID-19 concerns, there is no on-site visitation, other than the two HomeWAV monitors located in the lobby area of the jail. To sign up for video visitation, follow the HomeWAV Information and Guidelines (PDF) to set up an account.  Please register as soon as possible, it could take up to 24 hours to be approved.  

Inmate Status

To check an inmates Classification Status, view the Inmate Roster (PDF).

Standard On-Site Visitation Policies

  • Visitation sessions are 30 minutes
  • You must be signed up 10 minutes before the hour or 20 minutes after the hour
  • Visitors are allowed one visit per day
  • Please be present 10 minutes before your visit
  • If you are late for your visitation time, you will not be allowed to enter


Identification is required to visit the Grant County Jail or Grant County Work Release. You must bring valid government issued photo identification; Driver's license, military ID, Indian Tribal ID, state or federal agency ID or passport. Photocopies are not acceptable.

Visitation Hours

Grant County Jail (Minimum Security)
35 C Street NW
Ephrata, WA 98823
Phone: 509-754-2011

  • Monday
    5 pm to 10 pm
  • Wednesday
    5 pm to 10 pm 
  • Thursday
    5 pm to 10 pm 

Grant County Work Release
1631 Division Avenue E
Ephrata, WA 98823
Phone: 509-754-6521

  • Tuesday
    8 am to 11 am
    noon to 4 pm
  • Thursday through Saturday
    8 am to 11 am
    noon to 4 pm

Visitation Rules

Violations of the rules may cause the visit to be cancelled or terminated and visiting privileges may be suspended at discretion of staff.

  • Children may not be left unattended in lobby
  • Visitation slips must be completely filled out for all persons age 12 and over
  • You may not visit if you have been released from custody in the last 6 months, unless you are an immediate family member
  • You may not visit if you are a victim or witness in the case or if you have an active No Contact Order with the inmate
  • Anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Proof of guardianship is required
  • Visitors will be denied if they have been drinking, or have the appearance or smell of intoxicants
  • If you leave visitation for any reason, you may not come back in
    • Restroom breaks are not permitted during visitation
  • Children must be under direct supervision and within sight of the parent/guardian at all times, rough-housing and horseplay is not allowed
  • At the Main Jail facility, visitors must form a line and pass through the metal detector one at a time 
    • It is recommended that you remove all excess jewelry, studded belts or steel-toed boots prior to attempting to enter
    • No person will enter without being monitored by the visitation clerk
    • If you have a medical reason for not going through the metal detector, please notify the visitation clerk
    • The door will not be opened until all visitors have been cleared
    • At the Work Release facility, all visitors will be cleared with a hand held metal detector
  • No yelling
  • No profanity
  • No food or drink in visitation (Exception made for baby bottle, diaper, and blanket)
  • There may be occasions when visitation is canceled
    • The on-duty supervisor may cancel visits, for individuals, or the facility as a whole, without notice due to circumstances within the jail (emergency within the facility, staffing shortage, or changes in inmate housing locations) 
  • Inmates are allowed three hours of visits per week
  • If you have active, extraditable warrants, you will be booked into jail
  • Maximum of 4 people per visit. Limit of two children per visit with parent (included in 4 total)

Dress Code

  • All visitors must wear appropriate clothing including shoes and shirt
  • No swimsuits, halter tops, low cut blouses or crop tops are allowed
  • No clothing with vulgar, sexually explicit, drug or gang related slogans or emblems
  • Clothing approval at discretion of staff
  • Anyone found to be exposing themselves will be charged with indecent exposure under Revised Code of Washington 9A.88.010 and booked into jail

Not Allowed

  • No weapons, lighters, or tobacco products
  • No handbags, diaper bags, knapsacks, fanny packs, or briefcases will be allowed in visitation. 
    • You will be asked to secure your item(s) outside of the building (Limited lockers available at Main Jail Facility only)
  • No cell phones, cameras or other electronic devices
  • No strollers or baby carriers are allowed in visitation, nor are they allowed to be left unattended in the lobby area