Records Unit

The Records Unit is staffed with six support staff. The Records Unit has the responsibility to maintain and file all reports taken by the Sheriff's Office, as well as compiling statistical information. These files are inclusive of all criminal offense reports, auto collision reports, traffic citations, records of arrest, missing persons, and other types of reports. Reports maintained by this Unit are stored on a computerized system that provides instant access to all reports.

Public Records Request

If you need a copy of an officers report, collision report, etc., check out the Public Records page.

Criminal History Background Check

If you request a criminal history background check with our office, you will only receive information regarding criminal history in Grant County Sheriff's records. You will not receive any information from any other law enforcement agency in Grant County or any law enforcement agency in Washington State. For a complete criminal history background check, you may contact the Washington State Patrol Criminal History and Identification Section at 360-534-2000 or on the Washington State Patrol website.