Permits & Information Packets

Grant County Public Works Engineering Division provides technical and administrative oversight of all county transportation infrastructure and assets and their utilization through the office of the County Road Engineer; including the public requests to interact with County Assets such as travel on or construction through roads and rights-of-way:

Roads & Bridges

  1. Work on the road surface requires a Work on ROW permit.  This may require a Franchise, especially for utilities.
  2. Weight/ Load restrictions are handled with the Oversize Overweight permit. 
  3. Dust abatement & Vegetation maintenance permits are under Work on ROW permits.

Approaches:  Usually in conjunction with a Building Permit,  an Approach Permit covers existing driveways as well as construction of new.


  1.  Work in a right or easement requires a Work on ROW permit, except approaches.  
  2. The only way a County right can be removed is through the vacation process.  The County does not abandon roads without a Resolution to vacate and abandon through the Board of County Commissioners.  
  3. Rights can be researched through this department using a Right-of-Way Request.  Public Works is the Office of Record for rights-of-way.
  4. Dust Abatement & Vegetation maintenance now have their own pages.  These do not require work-in-the-ROW permits.

Memorial Signs:  Memorials are covered by specific law and have their own section.

Trail Permit : This permit covers unbuilt roads in existing rights-of-way.  Until recently, the public was not allowed to utilize unbuilt rights-of-way without building a road to County road standard, with few exceptions for agriculture.  The County Engineer with the Board of County Commissioners has put together a permit for those primitive roads and trails to allow for more access to the public with a much lower cost.