Grant County owns and maintains over 2500 miles of road, with over 1400 miles of paved surface road. 

Grant County is divided into 3 major Road Districts. Each district is responsible for the maintenance of their district with a broad range of annual activities and projects; including a 9 year seal coat rotation to keep our roads pothole free with less than 3% poor rated roads, snow removal, and weed spraying and mowing.

To see what district you are in, view the District Map (PDF).

Bridge Division

The Bridge Division is responsible for the maintenance and inspection of 263 bridges owned by Grant County, and inspection of 4 additional municipal bridges in Marlin, Wilson Creek and Quincy.

Bridges include large culverts such as the 4 enormous pipes at Stratford and 23 NE:

Stratford Pipes Size  bridge 110

Some of our favorites:

Bridge 399 W-NW

399 Bridge W-NW over railroad tracks

Bridge 218 Lind Coulee

218 Lind Coulee Bridge

Bridge 231 at the Sand Dunes

231 Sand Dunes Bridge