Business Hazardous Waste

Small Quantity Generator Assistance

Grant County Solid Waste offers technical assistance for Small Quantity Generators of hazardous waste. Small Quantity Generators (SQGs) are businesses that generate below 220 pounds of Dangerous Waste and 2.2 pounds of Acutely Hazardous Waste per month. In addition, Grant County provides a disposal opportunity for SQGs in conjunction with the household hazardous waste collection events.

Interested businesses must sign up at least one week before the event and are required to pay the County’s contractor directly. For more information, please call Grant County Solid Waste at 509-754-6082 ext. 3508.

Latex Paint (Water-Based)

Household size quantities of liquid, latex paint may be disposed of at the Ephrata Landfill; latex paint, once dried out and the lid removed, may be put in the garbage can. If you can wash the brushes out with soap and water, it’s a latex paint. 

Interior and Exterior Architectural Coatings (Sold in 5 gallons or smaller) may be recycled through PaintCare.

PaintCare (PDF) brochure