The Auditor's office has been appointed by the Governor's Office as an agent of the Washington State Department of Licensing.


  • Collection of license fees
  • Other transactions involving motor vehicles and vessels
  • Sale of motor vehicle and vessel licenses
  • Title changes to add or delete a legal owner other than the registered owner
  • Transfer of vehicles and vessels from one owner to another

Vehicle Tabs

Renew vehicle tabs online

Truck Driver Info

Truck drivers needing monthly tonnage may email the Licensing department a copy of their registration and 2290 HVUT form. 2290 forms expire in June of every year. To file your 2290 FHVUT  visit

Licensing Request

The Grant County Vehicle Licensing office is asking that you please be in office no later than 4:30PM when needing to transfer multiple titles at one time. There are often times when supporting documents are required to complete said transactions, allowing us this time will grant us the ability to finish each title transfer efficiently.

We thank you for understanding and appreciate your cooperation.