The Grant County Auditor's Office is responsible for document recording, financial services including payroll and accounts payable, licensing for marriages, vehicles and vessels, voter registration and elections.

About the Auditor

The county auditor has a broad range of duties and responsibilities involving specific statutory functions and county financial administration. The auditor examines and audits county financial records and prepares the preliminary county budget for the board of county commissioners. The auditor also has functions relating to special districts. Many of the auditors' statutory duties are not associated with county finance.

The primary statutory responsibilities of the county auditor are: 

  • County financial audit and administration duties includes auditing county expenditures, serving as ex-officio supervisor of the state Auditor's Office Division of Municipal Corporations, preparation and administration of the county budget and preparing the annual financial report
  • Elections and voter registration (acting as ex-officio supervisor of elections and administering voter registration and elections)
  • Licensing (licensing, titling, and registration for motor vehicles and watercraft, issuing various licenses such as marriage, and acting as agent for the state Department of Revenue in collecting certain fees and taxes)
  • Recording (recording of real property documents such as deeds and other recorded documents)

Office Opening

The Auditor's office which includes Licensing, Recording, Elections and Accounting are now open to the public. We are requiring social distancing and signs are posted.

We request that only the persons needed to complete a transaction come into the office and all others wait outside in the lobby. Masks are required for your safety.

For those who need to do a title transfer and don't want to come into the office please call us and we will help guide you in doing this process thru the mail. Also be aware that you are still able to renew tabs through the mail or online at the Department of Licensing website.