Taxing District Information 

Want to know the specific levy amount or levy rate for a specific entity?  Want to know what the total assessed value is for an entire taxing district such as a hospital, town, or school district?  Below is the link that can answer all those questions and more! 

Certified Taxing District Levy Information 2021 for 2022 Tax Year

Total Levy Rates Per Taxing Code Area (Total Millage Rate) Information

How much am I paying total in taxes for the area in which I live?  What is the amount per $1,000 of assessed value for my area that my taxes due are based upon?  Click on the link below to find out! 

Certified Total Levy Rate 2021 for 2022 Tax Year (PDF)

Levy Tax Distribution information

How are all the monies collected by the Treasurer dispersed across the County when taxpayers have paid their taxes? Find out below! 

Tax Distribution Chart 2021 for 2022 (PDF)