Grant County Public Works Engineering Division provides technical and administrative oversight of all county transportation infrastructure and assets and their utilization through the office of the County Road Engineer. They also conduct or administer research and provide information and technical support to other county divisions, departments, and the public concerning:

  • Bridges
  • Drainage
  • Monuments
  • Rights-of-Way
  • Roads
  • Subdivisions
  • Surveys

Engineering Administration provides service to the public and requests for information regarding road and right-of-way related issues.

Road Vacations

The Administration section of Engineering also processes Road Vacations. The Grant County Commissioners approve or deny vacations and abandonment's. This process allows landowners the opportunity to remove unused portions of county road right-of-way from the county's infrastructure and return it to private property.

Transportation Improvement Program

Engineering Administration prepares, updates, and submits the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to the Washington State Department of Transportation. This program provides the public with an overview of where the county is going with their road program, what the long-range road improvement plan is, and how spending of their tax dollars occurs.

Road Closures

Road Closures provide the opportunity to repair county roads by either the county road crew or a private contractor. By closing a roadway, the construction process can proceed smoothly, with the least amount of interruption, and provide the most safety to the public. Seasonal Road Restrictions may be in place to provide this same protection to the public by forbidding overweight vehicles passage on roadways that are under stress from the weather. Heavy truck traffic can damage roadways.


Administration's records and maps provide information about:

  • Binding Site Plans
  • Easements and Deeds
  • Long Plats
  • Records of Survey
  • Right-of-Way Widths
  • Short Plats
  • Survey Monuments


The Engineering Division covers Grant County's 2,675 square mile area by administering the management of 2,521 county road miles and over 250 county bridges. Project Development, Design, and construction management, along with administration, are major functions.

Interdepartmental Functions

Engineering Administration provides technical support to other Public Works divisions and county departments, such as the Prosecuting Attorney and the Sheriff offices.

Engineering Administration also acts as the public reception and information area for all other sections of the Engineering Division, including the Design/Construction, Development, and Traffic sections.


Fees are to be paid by check or money order only.

Short Plat Design Review 

$250 Deposit with Actual Costs Recovery above (5) Hours of Review

Major Developments Review                                           

$500 Deposit with Actual Costs Recovery above (10) Hours of Review 

Engineering Plans Review by Consultant (Typically for Highly Specialized Work) 

$1000 Deposit with Actual Costs Recovery

Right-of-Way Vacation with Consultant Appraisal

$1,500 Deposit with Actual Costs Recovery

Misc. Engineering Reimbursable Work

$500 Deposit with Actual Costs Recovery

Engineering Inspection Services

1.5% of Construction Costs or $50,whichever is greater.