Assessor’s Important Dates

  1. 1st Quarter
  2. 2nd Quarter
  3. 3rd Quarter
  4. 4th Quarter

1st Quarter

  • January 1
    • Date of appraisal for real property subject to taxation and valuation for assessment purposes (other than new construction and mobile homes being assessed for the first time in this state). (Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 84.36.005, 84.40.020)
    • Also, the first day to apply for Open Space (Current Use) valuation for the following year assessment. (RCW 84.34.030)
    • Grant County Assessor to mail personal property reporting forms no later than this date. (RCW 84.40.040)
  • January 15
    • Grant County Assessor certifies and delivers tax rolls to County Treasurer. (RCW 84.52.080)
  • January through December
    • Grant County Assessor may accept claims for senior/disabled exemptions for taxes payable the following year. (RCW 84.36.385)
  • January 15 through February 15
    • No revaluation notices may be mailed. (RCW 84.40.045)
  • February 15
    • Property taxes can be paid on and after this date, based on the previous year's assessments. (RCW 84.56.010)
  • March 1
    • Most taxing district's boundaries must be established to permit levy for collection the following year (with certain exceptions). RCW (84.09.030)

    • Grant County Assessor to submit revaluation plan to Department of Revenue prior to beginning a new revaluation cycle. (RCW 84.41.041, WAC 458.12.335)

  • March 31
    • Boundaries of newly incorporated cities to be established. (RCW 84.09.030)
    • Applications for exemption from property taxes must be received by the Department of Revenue. i.e. churches, non-profit organizations, etc.