It is the purpose and role of the Assessor's office to establish Fair Market Value for all property in Grant County for tax purposes. The Assessor is required by law to set Fair Market Value and to assure that all values are equitable, fair and uniform to all citizens of Grant County.

Assessor Responsibilities

The Assessor does not establish the dollar amount of taxes required nor does the Assessor bill or collect taxes. The voters, the State limitations and assessed value determines the tax rate for each taxing district. The Assessor is responsible for checking the amounts asked for by the taxing districts to make sure they are within the limits set by state law. We also compile all the different levy rates in your taxing areas to determine the total tax rate for your property. It is the responsibility of the Grant County Treasurer to bill and collect the required taxes.

There are several lesser-known functions the Assessor's office performs. These include maintaining maps of all of Grant County, including all cities and towns within the county. These maps represent the boundaries of each parcel in Grant County. The office records and updates the ownership and legal description of every piece of property within Grant County. This requires the Grant County Assessor's office to track and maintain approximately 61,570 parcels for the benefit of all the citizens of the county.

It is the responsibility of the Grant County Assessor, together with her staff, to ensure that all property owners are treated in a fair, equitable and impartial manner in accordance with our state laws. It is our sincere desire to serve and support you in a professional, effective, responsible and courteous manner.

Sales & Parcel Information

We suggest opening both TaxSifter and MapSifter before starting any sales search. This will move past the user agreement page and allow the web applications to directly access the specific parcel when navigating between applications.

  • TaxSifter: The Sales Search tool allows for the selection of sales based on various criteria. The results are presented in a tabular fashion. The information can be copied and pasted into most spread sheet and/or word processing software.
  • MapSifter: Using the legend located in the lower left corner of the MapSifter start screen, select which years of sales to be displayed. Zooming in will allow for the sales to appear. Clicking on a sale provides a call-out bubble which enables parcel number link and the ability to see the property details within the TaxSifter web application.

More Information

Our office provides multiple services and information that is available to the public. If you have a question about property in Grant County that is not answered by the information provided here online, please contact the Assessor's Office.