Fireworks Safety

Independence Day is a time to celebrate our freedom. With this freedom comes a shared responsibility to ensure the safe use of fireworks. Please be aware, our community will be enforcing the fireworks law to make this Independence Day safer for all.

  • Avoid areas with dry grass or dry vegetation
  • Be sure spectators are at a safe distance
  • Every year fireworks injure people and cause vegetation and structure fires
  • Position fireworks so they will not land on or near a home or building
  • Whenever you light a firework device, be aware of your surroundings

Firework Laws

Grant County follows Washington State Law for fireworks sales and discharge.

Dates and times consumer fireworks may be sold or dischargedLocal governments may limit, prohibit sale or discharge of fireworks.

(1) It is legal to sell and purchase consumer fireworks within this state from twelve o'clock noon to eleven o'clock p.m. on the twenty-eighth of June, from nine o'clock a.m. to eleven o'clock p.m. on each day from the twenty-ninth of June through the fourth of July, from nine o'clock a.m. to nine o'clock p.m. on the fifth of July, from twelve o'clock noon to eleven o'clock p.m. on each day from the twenty-seventh of December through the thirty-first of December of each year, and as provided in RCW 70.77.311.
(2) Consumer fireworks may be used or discharged each day between the hours of twelve o'clock noon and eleven o'clock p.m. on the twenty-eighth of June and between the hours of nine o'clock a.m. and eleven o'clock p.m. on the twenty-ninth of June to the third of July, and on July 4th between the hours of nine o'clock a.m. and twelve o'clock midnight, and between the hours of nine o'clock a.m. and eleven o'clock p.m. on July 5th, and from six o'clock p.m. on December 31st until one o'clock a.m. on January 1st of the subsequent year, and as provided in RCW 70.77.311.

Per Grant County Ordinance, fireworks are not allowed in Marine View, Marine View Heights, Crescent Bar, Desert Aire (except Desert Aire Park) The Gorge and the Gorge campground.

Talk with your family and friends about the fireworks laws for your area. Be sure to discharge all fireworks devices so there are no leftovers. The fine for possession or discharge of fireworks outside legal dates is costly. People using fireworks must remember there may be legal consequences to injuries or fires caused by the irresponsible use of fireworks. Consequences range from being charged with malicious mischief to assault or a gross misdemeanor for possession of legal explosive devices such as fireworks that have been tampered with or altered. A gross misdemeanor can bring a fine of up to $5,000 and/or one year in prison.

Illegal Fireworks

It is extremely important to know the difference between a legal consumer firework and a dangerous explosive device. Items such as M-80s, M-100s, and blockbusters are not fireworks, they are federally banned explosives. They can cause serious injury or even death. Stay away from anything that isn't clearly labeled with the name of the item, the manufacturer's name and instructions for proper use.

Devices which are illegal to possess in Washington State Include:

  • Altered Fireworks
  • Bottle Rockets
  • Cherry Bombs
  • Fire Crackers/Chasers
  • Homemade Devices
  • M-80s, M-100s, and Larger
  • Missiles and Rockets
  • Pipe Bombs
  • Tennis Ball Bombs

Independence Day Safety Tips

Here are some more tips to help ensure a safe Independence Day:

  • Fireworks are not toys, fireworks complying with strict regulations enacted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in 1976 function primarily by burning to produce motion and visible or audible effects; they are burning at approximately the same temperature as a household match and can cause burn injuries and ignite clothing if used improperly
  • Have a fire extinguisher or bucket of water handy, as well as a first aid kit; call 911 should a fire ignite or if someone becomes injured
  • Homemade fireworks are deadly, never attempt to make your own devices and do not purchase or use any kits that are advertised for making fireworks; mixing and loading chemical powders is very dangerous and can kill or seriously injure you, leave the making of fireworks to the experts
  • Never give fireworks to young children; close, adult supervision of all fireworks activities is mandatory, even sparklers can be unsafe if used improperly
  • Select and use only legal devices; if you choose to celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks, check with your local police department to determine what fireworks can be legally discharged in your area
  • Stay away from illegal explosives, illegal explosive devices continue to cause serious injuries around the Fourth of July holiday
    • These devices are commonly known as M-80s, M-100s, blockbusters or quarter-pounders; Federally banned since 1966, these items will not contain the manufacturer's name and are usually totally unlabeled.
    • Don't purchase or use unlabeled fireworks, if you are aware of anyone selling such devices, contact your local police department