Required Permits

The Building Department and Fire Marshal issues permits for:

  • Any structure not specifically exempted by code or ordinance
  • Day Care or Adult Family Home Inspections (as required by the state)
  • Demolition of Structures, including manufactured homes
  • Fireworks Stands
  • Grading
  • Interior remodels, including window or door replacement in many circumstances
  • Mechanical including wood stoves, fuel and propane tanks, heat pumps, etc.
  • Mobile, manufactured, modular homes and other modular structures
  • Plumbing including underground sprinklers, etc.
  • Power generation including windmills, solar panels or other
  • Pyrotechnic Displays
  • Re-roofing in some circumstances
  • Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Systems
  • Structures including residences, decks or covers, gazebos, garages, pre-fab metal carports/garages, cargo containers, swimming pools, hot tubs, retaining walls, hay sheds, grain bins, ag buildings, water towers, commercial buildings, signs, relocated structures, cell towers, etc.
  • Temporary Tent Structures

Additional Information

 With variables involved in the many different project types including differences in codes, fees, plan requirements and departmental approval requirements, we are restricted in the amount of information we can provide in this forum that would pertain to each possible project.

Please contact the Building Department office with specifics of your project to determine permit necessity, plan requirements and other specifics. We will be pleased to email, mail or fax you the necessary forms and handouts specific to your proposed project.

Special Notes

Requirements for applying, permitting, construction and inspections are subject to change at any time based on local, state and federal law or policy, building code cycles and such.  What was required or allowed last year may be different next year.

All information provided to you with your application, permit and plans are important. Please be sure to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the information provided as you (the applicant) are responsible to meet all requirements.