Inspection Information

Inspections are required. After permit issuance, inspections are conducted as requested by the permit holder or contractor. Inspections can be requested during office hours only and will generally be conducted on the next business day. Due to heavy inspection load, times cannot be requested or provided; you should allow the entire next business day for the inspection to be conducted and schedule your job accordingly.

Be Prepared for Your Inspection

For every inspection, you are required to have your approved set of plans on site, along with the building permit (white multiple page document), inspection card and all previous field notes on site. Inspection sites without these items will not receive an inspection and will be subject to re-inspection fees if repeated violations occur.

Inspection Card

Your inspection card, when approved for final at the bottom, is your Certificate of Occupancy for occupancy types R, U and S (Your occupancy is identified on your building permit as well as your inspection card if issued after February 1, 2011.)

More Information

Please contact the Building Department office if you have any questions.