Roster Lists

Grant County is statutorily authorized to dispense with advertisement and competitive bidding (and other requirements for formal sealed bidding) for certain purchases and/or services and has three types of Roster lists available for qualifying companies and/or contractors.

Municipal Research & Services Center (MRSC) Small Works Roster

Our Small Works Roster is administered through the MRSC Rosters and qualifying businesses experienced in construction, building, renovation, remodeling, alteration, repair, or improvement of real property, as referenced by RCW 39.04.155 (i.e., "public works"), are encouraged to join MRSC Rosters for Grant County. This roster is for County projects under $350,000. See the link below for more information about this Roster and how to join.

MRSC Consultant Roster

The Consultant Roster, also administered through the MRSC Rosters, is used for professional services for small to medium-sized consulting services contracts. This includes engineering and land surveying, landscape architecture, and personal services such as management, planning, and other services. There are no statutory cost limits for consultant roster usage. See the link below for more information about this Roster and how to join.

MRSC Vendor Roster

Grant County has moved to the MRSC vendor roster and no longer manages this roster internally. By becoming a member of this roster your business will be seen by all public agencies that utilize this roster, not just Grant County. This provides much better exposure for your business and allows us to better select local companies to procure goods from. Grant County utilizes this roster for the purchase of some goods and services valued between $10,000 and $50,0000, or as per RCW's36.32.245 & 39.04.190.

Join a Roster

To join one of these rosters, follow the link below under "Online Resources" to sign up your business. Please note that if you are bidding on public work and the County has advertised that pubic work on the MRSC roster, your company must be a member prior to the official bid opening date and time. If your company is NOT on the roster by the bid opening date and time, your bid will be considered Non-Responsive and will not be considered.

2020 Award Log

NameProject DescriptionDepartmentCostAwarded To
RTU 2020Removal and Replacement of 2 current RTUs located at the Grant County Work Release facility
Sheriff's Office$22,737Basin Refrigeration & Heating