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Welcome to Grant County Central Services.

This department reports directly to the County Commissioners and manages most of the internal operations of the County. We have the best operations team in Washington State. We believe in setting the example and leading from the front. We take pride in providing the highest levels of customer service to those we serve.

Central Services provides all technology support & operations through the technology services team, facilities support & operations to all county buildings. We support technology and maintenance operations to the fairgrounds supporting facilities, and events.

Central Services performs the majority of "Capital Projects" required by the county, but we are not the "Public Works" department. A critical component to County operations, please follow this link, "Public Works," to visit that department.

We write requests for bids, proposals, qualifications, and contracts and perform project management of the same projects. We work closely with many of the businesses in Grant County. 

Although Grant County does not have a Central Purchasing department, Central Services procures many of the goods and services the county requires to operate daily. We directly support every department in the county.

Grant County Purchasing Policy

For questions regarding any of the information above, please call the Director of Central Services,

Central Services, Serve the Public, Be Exceptional, Enjoy Life! 

Central Services Divisions (GCCS)

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Annual Award & Project Documentation

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