Transient Residence (Short-Term Rental) Program


Grant County has recently adopted Grant County Code Title 15, Chapter 15.03 Transient Residence Regulations and made changes to UDC 23.04 Zoning Districts as well as UDC 23.08 Performance and Use Standards.  As part of this adoption and changes to existing ordinances, the county has contracted with Deckard Technologies to implement the RentalScape Platform that accurately identifies properties (dwelling units) that are being utilized as Short-Term Rentals per the Grant County Code.  

This ordinance was adopted to support the legal use of dwellings to be utilized as transient residences, which are allowed via a Conditional Use Permit in a majority of the residential zoning districts within the unincorporated areas of Grant County.


The application process is simple.  Simply complete the Fire Marshal Operational Permit Application.

If you have any questions on the application, please contact the Fire Marshal's Office 509-754-2011 Ext 3006 or email

[email protected] 

Failure to register as a Transient Residence will result in future enforcement action for full compliance with the code requirements.