Contracted Services

Grant County is statutorily authorized to dispense with advertisement and competitive bidding for certain services and utilizes the MRSC Rosters for qualifying companies and/or contractors.

MRSC Rosters

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Municipal Research & Services Center (MRSC)

There are three Roster Types based on specific contracting procedures outlined in the roster statutes: 

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                  • Small Works Roster 
                  • Consultant Roster 
                  • Vendor Roster

Development Services only utilizes the Consultant Roster.

The Consultant Roster includes businesses who provide architectural, engineering, and surveying services as referenced by Chapter 39.80 RCW, as well as some other professional services such as management, financial, legal, communications, and consulting.

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State law does not require that counties bid for any services, other than for collection agencies and possibly for the official newspaper.  An advertising and negotiations process is required under Chapter 39.80 RCW when obtaining architectural and engineering services.

Chapter 39.80 RCW requires that a county publish its need for architectural or engineering services in advance, concisely stating the general scope and nature of the project for which services are required.  The notice must also provide the address of a county representative who can provide additional details. Compliance with this requirement may be accomplished by either: 

(1) publishing an announcement each time the service is needed, or 

(2) “announcing generally to the public” the county’s projected requirements for any category or type of engineering or architectural service.