Road Closures & Advisories

Road Closed Ahead Sign

Update 2/27/24

Notice of Long-Term Bridge Closure for Road W-SE Canal Bridge 


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in accordance with RCW 47.48.020 that the ROAD W-SE Canal Bridge crossing shall be closed from 2.20.2024 to 3.19.2027.  Unfortunately, the Irrigation District’s canal widening work this last week has critically damaged the existing center bridge pier.  It was a track dozer backup accident, and no-one was injured (SEE PICS BELOW).  The planned temporary bailey bridge is no longer possible, as it required use of the center bridge pier, which is now critically damaged.  Fortunately, we do have State and Federal funding to build a new bridge, but it will take several years, and we are still in the design phase.  More information regarding this project and the long-term detour planning can be found on the Grant County Public Works website.   Bridge 247 detour located under closures below.


Road 46-NE is closed between Road P-NE and Road R-NE due to washouts.

Road 20.5 NW is closed at Johnson Road due to washouts.

Overen Road is closed between Road P-NW and Road J-NW due to washouts.

Road L-NW is closed between Road 19-NW and Overen Road due to washouts.

Road 23-NW is closed west of Sagebrush Flats Road due to washouts.

Road 24-NW is closed from Sagebrush Flats Road to Road G-NW due to water over the roadway and washouts.

Road G-NW is closed from Road 23-NW to Road 24-NW due to water over the roadway and washouts.

Road 48-NE is closed between Road Q-NE and Road R-NE due to washouts.

Road 49-NE is closed between Road Q-NE and Road R-NE due to washouts.

Road 2-NE between Road N-NE and Road O-NE has been posted for weight restrictions.

Road N-NE is closed between Road 6-NE and Road 7-NE indefinitely due to critically damaged bridge. See note below for more details.

Road 9-NW is closed between Road E-NW and Dodson Road from January 30,2024 to approximately April 1, 2024 due to a bridge replacement. Road 9-NW is being rebuilt and slightly widened, thus requiring a new bridge. The closed portion of Road 9-NW will be open to local traffic only, but not to through traffic.

Road W-SE is closed between Road 2.7-SE and Road 2-SE from February 12, 2024 to indefinite due to canal widening and a bridge replacement. See note below for more details.

Standing Water Advisory: Road District No. 3 in Quincy is reporting standing water on Grant County roadways in the Quincy and George areas.  Please use caution while driving.

Gravel Road Advisory: Due to recent rain and warming temperatures, gravel roadways are becoming soft. Please use caution while traveling these roads.

Load Restrictions

Load Restrictions

Road 13-NW is under an emergency load restriction between Road M.5-NW to Adams Road for the next two (2) weeks due to the roadway starting to come apart from the excessive ground saturation.

Road 2-NE is under an emergency load restriction between Road N-NE to Road O-NE.

The following roads will have emergency load restrictions starting February 7, 2024, through February 29, 2024 due to excessive water retention:

Adams Road from Road 12-NW to Road 13-NW.

Road 13-NW from Road P-NW to Adams Road.

Road P-NW from Road 11-NW to Road 13-NW.

What is an emergency load restriction? 

Emergency load restrictions are placed on Grant County roads on a case-by-case basis to lessen the damage caused by heavy vehicles. 

Why are roads posted with an emergency load restriction? 

As frost thaws and/or water saturates the subgrade, the roadway gets soft and heavy vehicles can damage or even destroy the roadway. 

Are there signs posted? 

Yes, emergency load restriction signs are posted on the roadway that is affected.  The signs provide information on tire sizes and the allowed weights.  It also has a range of dates in which the emergency load restrictions are intended to last. 

Who is affected? 

While this load restriction is intended for heavy vehicles there are many exceptions.  Please contact Grant County Public Works with any questions.  Click the following link to read more: Resolution 06-001-CC "Governing Emergency Load Limitations on County Roads".

Road Closure: W-SE between Road 2.7-SE to Road 2-SE

W-SE Bridge

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in accordance with RCW 47.48.020 for the closure of the ROAD W-SE Canal Bridge, starting Monday February 12, 2024, for both County bridge work and Bureau of Reclamation canal widening work.  The Bureau of Reclamation canal widening work should be completed by the middle of March, so that water can flow.  The canal widening is necessary for the Federally funded permanent bridge to be installed in the Summer of 2025.  A temporary single-lane Bailey Bridge will provide, load restricted local access, until the permanent bridge is installed.  The temporary bridge is planned to be installed, after the Bureau of Reclamation widens the canal.  The planned opening date for the temporary bridge is May 31, 2024.  This notice is given in accordance with Resolution 23-012-CC initiating the County Road Project #23-02 for the replacement of Bridge #247 at the ROAD W-SE canal crossing.  

Road Closure: N-NE between 6-NE and 7-NE

N-NE Bridge

Road N-NE between Road 7-NE and Road 6-NE will remain closed through spring of 2025.  Due to Bureau constraints on construction, bridge work is confined to those times when the canals are not running.  Additionally, the bridge will require approximately 3 million in funding outside our current budget.  The reason for the closure is what is known as scour affecting the canal bridge footing. Scour is the removal of material under the footing by fast-moving water. Structural engineers have inspected the bridge; Public Works crews will shore up the area this winter, place temporary piers, and perform demolition of abutment as able. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation while we work to fix this problem. Please follow the Grant County Public Works Department Facebook page for updates.