Title Eliminations

Owners of manufactured or mobile homes establish ownership through WA State Department of Licensing.  Manufactured or mobile homes canDOL Ap either be titled as personal property and receive a title, or the home may be recorded as real property within the county where it is located.  

To record a manufactured or mobile home as real property and not receive a title, this process is referred to as Title Elimination.  


The application can be obtained from WA State Department of Licensing (DOL).  Scroll down DOL page to the manufactured or mobile home section.

Manufactured Home Application

Manufactured Home Application Instructions

                                                  Manufactured Home Application Attachment


There are many County offices involved in the process for Title Elimination.  On page 2 of the DOL application, item 5 is for the Building Permit Office Certification.   

section 5

The Building Division is responsible for researching and verifying if proper permits were issued, inspections approved, permit conditions released, and any permitted additions/changes to the existing manufactured home.  It is helpful to contact our office in advance (509-754-2011 EXT 3001) to allow staff time to complete the research and determine if we can sign the title elimination.  There are some instances where we are not able to approve and sign the title elimination paperwork.  Please see Policy/Procedure 2023-004 below.

There is a fee in the amount of $75 payable by check to Grant County Building, for each title elimination signed.  If paying by card, there is an additional 2.5% convenience fee.   If paying cash, it must be the exact amount.  


Building Division, Title Elimination Policy/Procedure No 2023-004

WAC 296-150I-0390

RCW 46.12.700 Manufactured/Mobile or Park Model Homes