How to Submit a Ballot Measure

To have a measure appear on a ballot, a jurisdiction must submit a resolution requesting an election. Each measure being submitted must have completed a Resolution Coversheet. You must also submit an Explanatory Statement and a Committee For and Against appointment form.  Read the Jurisdiction Manual and the Local Voter Pamphlet rules for more information. Contact us if you have any questions. 

Important dates to remember:

Requirements for measures to pass

Requestion Data

Since the passage of SB 5459 Concerning requests for records containing election information, the state becomes the official source of data from VoteWA. Please use the links below provided by the state for requests for data.

Archived Results 

If you are looking for the last time you put something on a ballot or want results from past elections, use the links below. 

Archived Results 2007-Current - Grant County Results Only
Archived Results from 1900-2006 - State and County
Archived Results from 2007-Current - State and County